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Nymphmaster was born out of decades of commercial fly tying experience and the quest for the best possible materials. Fly tying is many things, a hobby, a profession and a way of life to name but a few!

Nymphmaster is a family owned and run business, with a long history in the fly fishing industry, ranging from retail, manufacturing, premium concierge destination fly fishing & adventure travel, instructional fly fishing TV and media, fly fishing lodge operations, distribution, marketing, product & equipment design, customer service, apparel, web design/social media expertise and over 50 combined years of fly fishing experience. We also have a long and extremely dedicated history in competitive fly fishing being involved in competing, mentoring, teaching and the organization of high level prestigious fly fishing competition events around the world for many years. We are dedicated to the “pay it forward” mentality, and stimulating our youth and their families in our sport however we can. We are creators and innovators, and focus on bringing unique and high quality products to the fly fishing industry. A Husband and Wife team, blending the United States and England.

We aim to provide the fly tier, with the very highest quality, and most unique modern materials available, no matter what your level of fly tying may be.

Nymphmaster are proud to be the exclusive dealer for North America for Textreme high tech fly tying materials out of Italy. Textreme have a huge range of synthetic tying materials, utilizing many proprietary dying techniques, providing the fly tier with quite simply put the largest color range of products on the market today. Textreme have an ever growing assortment, guaranteeing something for everyone. Their tying threads have the strongest tensile strength in the world, featuring accurate diameters. We have been using these amazing high quality products almost exclusively since 2010, so we can confidently stand behind the company 100%.

Based in Washington State, Nymphmaster also offer a wonderful range of tungsten products. Our beads come with a guaranteed 98% tungsten content, and are manufactured exclusively for us to our very high standards. The consistency of our tungsten products is second to none, ensuring the very highest quality tungsten products on the market.

Our exciting range of dubbing materials are all blended by us right here in Washington State in small batches, using only the very highest quality synthetic made in the USA fibers, and banking on our own personal wealth of commercial fly tying expertise to bring you a truly unique product. Our natural fibers, come from the very highest grade animal pelts from the fashion industry, and are tanned using traditional techniques, thus removing the need for highly poisonous chemicals. All of our dubbing products are made and packaged by hand to guarantee consistency and high quality on all Nymphmaster branded products.

Nymphmaster have also designed a fantastic range of barbless fly hooks from the ground up, which are currently being manufactured in Japan, using the very latest technology in hook manufacturing, and of course the very highest standard in high carbon content steel wire. We will have a wide selection of models including dries, nymphs, streamers, lake hooks and 5 different competition jig models. Without a doubt, our hooks will be the very best on the market, watch this space for further details on availability!

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“Every fly tier is an artist creating their own version of fish catching art”

Nicole DarlandCEO Nymphmaster

We aim to bring you the most exclusive, high quality fly tying materials and accessories from around the world, alongside our very own designed and made in the USA products. High resolution images of the products you buy, guarantee you a “what you see is what you get” experience.

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All in all, Nymphmaster offers a truly unique online shopping experience, should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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