Crystal Flash Medium UV
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Crystal Flash Medium UV


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103-UV Antique Pink103-UV Antique Pink
115-UV Lemon115-UV Lemon
180-UV Rusty Brown180-UV Rusty Brown
20-UV Black20-UV Black
30-UV Peacock30-UV Peacock
40-UV Gray40-UV Gray
53-UV Tan53-UV Tan
80-UV Blue80-UV Blue
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Twisted ultraviolet mylar fibers with its characteristic special effects! A classic material for tying streamers, but can also be used as a great ribbing material, and to create tails on dry flies and nymphs, just to add that little bit of sparkle.

300 strands per pack.


103-UV Antique Pink, 115-UV Lemon, 180-UV Rusty Brown, 20-UV Black, 30-UV Peacock, 40-UV Gray, 53-UV Tan, 80-UV Blue


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