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Holographic Fibers Small 150 Denier


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01-Holo Gold01-Holo Gold
02-Holo Silver02-Holo Silver
03-Holo Black03-Holo Black
04-Holo Red04-Holo Red
05-Holo Claret05-Holo Claret
06-Holo Purple06-Holo Purple
07-Holo Blue07-Holo Blue
08-Holo Green08-Holo Green
09-Holo Chartreuse09-Holo Chartreuse
10-Holo Turquoise10-Holo Turquoise
11-Holo Lemon11-Holo Lemon
12-Holo Lilac12-Holo Lilac
13-Holo Pink13-Holo Pink
14-Holo Bordeaux14-Holo Bordeaux
15-Holo Orange15-Holo Orange
16-Holo Copper16-Holo Copper
17-Holo Bronze17-Holo Bronze
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