Metal Braid Size 2
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Metal Braid Size 2


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01-Uv Silver01-Uv Silver
02-Uv Gold02-Uv Gold
04-Pearl Green04-Pearl Green
05-Dark Green05-Dark Green
06-Pearl Black06-Pearl Black
07-Pearl Copper07-Pearl Copper
08-Pearl Bronze08-Pearl Bronze
09-Pearl Red09-Pearl Red
11-Red Copper11-Red Copper
13-Purple Red13-Purple Red
14-Uv Red14-Uv Red
16-Purple Blue16-Purple Blue
17-Pearl Purple17-Pearl Purple
18-Pearl Blue18-Pearl Blue
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A very thin braid created by mixing two colors, both color on color and alternating with ultraviolet and rainbow fibers. The right color for your pattern can always be found thanks to the massive range of colors available. Great material for creating bodies very quickly!

5 meters per spool, size 2.


01-Uv Silver, 02-Uv Gold, 03-Black, 04-Pearl Green, 05-Dark Green, 06-Pearl Black, 07-Pearl Copper, 08-Pearl Bronze, 09-Pearl Red, 10-Copper, 11-Red Copper, 12-Red, 13-Purple Red, 14-Uv Red, 15-Purple, 16-Purple Blue, 17-Pearl Purple, 18-Pearl Blue

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