Nymph Master Tungsten Skeletons
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Nymph Master Tungsten Skeletons


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Designed to give the maximum weight to any nymph hook. Nymph Master skeletons are an incredibly heavy, and versatile product. Built with a slot on the underside of the body to clip straight on the shank of the hook. They include “ribs” to make tying them on to the hook extremely easy. The tapered head can be used exposed or dressed under the actual fly dressing to keep it competition legal.

Each of the 4 available sizes compares to having around 4 standard tungsten beads of the same size on one hook!

Buggy and heavy!

Designed to our high specifications, they come with a guaranteed 98% tungsten content, and high quality finishes.

15 per pack, packages are heat sealed and resealable, and are moisture and UV proof!


2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm


Black Nickel, Silver, Gold, Copper


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